Say Hello To Kano

Kano aims to provide a quick and easy way of developing your ideas into working prototypes and full-fledged production ready products.

Kano is my first open source project and I'm hoping it solves some problems many of us face when building prototypes for our investors, startups, customers, and for our own personal weekend projects.

There are many real problems to solve in the world, and I believe you can solve many of them through your web apps. I know from past experiences that setting up a Facebook API or a Less Preprocessor shouldn't be a major blocker for you. Your attention should be placed heavily on your customers, market and core product.


Clone the repo

git clone

Change directory

cd kano

Install NPM and Dependencies from package.json file

npm install

Run the app

node app.js

Now you should be able to visit http://localhost:3000


Choosing your base theme color is as easy as changing a value in kano.less

@brand-kano: #f04f5b; 

Produces a Red theme:

@brand-kano: #6e5acc; 

Produces a Purple theme:

@brand-kano: #56AFE1; 

Produces a Blue theme:

@brand-kano: #1ebf8f; 

Produces a Green theme:

@brand-kano: #e24e24; 

Produces an Orange theme:

@brand-kano: #000000; 

Produces a Black theme:


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Github @erictherobot