Hello, I am Eric David Smith. A father, musician, veteran, runner, and software engineer. I grew up in the midwest and moved to New York eleven years ago from Los Angeles. I live in Williamsburg Bushwick, Brooklyn. You can view my family photo stream here.

I'm currently the VP of Engineering at Flavorpill Media. Checkout our network Flavorpill.com / Flavorwire.com and our most recent launch of Everup.com.

For most of my career I've worked as a Senior Front-End Developer / UI / UX for startups such as Audio, Etsy, Stickybits, Totsy, Artspace, Soundfly and several of my own startup ideas such as Bagsly and my first music startup called Punchapunk which launched in 2003. I also have been contributing towards open source projects on Github since 2009 and lately have been playing around with React Native making some fun iOS and Android Apps.

I often use a computer to...

  • Contribute, Star, Fork code on Github
  • Read Product Hunt, Hacker News, etc.
  • Record, publish, seek music on SoundCloud
  • Follow brilliant founders on AngelList
  • Look at how much funding company "X" has received on CrunchBase
  • Like things and authenticate on Facebook
  • Make six second video clips on Vine
  • Endorse people on Linkedin
  • Watch how-to videos on Youtube
  • Re-blog your incredible blog on Tumblr
  • Push pixels and gain inspiration on Dribbble
  • Upload photos on Flickr
  • Get my news on Twitter
  • Tell you my real name on Google Plus

Contact Me

View My Resume | Email - [email protected] or call 347-471-0386

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