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My days are busy. Busy is good. But good is not great. So, I've started writing my first book called "Start Over Startups" - A guide for growing your startup business.


I've always wanted to write a book however, I've never taken the time to properly plan one out. One thing that I've learned over the years as a software developer is that you cannot complete complex projects in a single day. You need to break larger tasks down into smaller realistic chunks. This helps maintain momentum and helps keep the scope clearer. For the book to come alive, I need a realistic plan. So, I started with a Mind Map to blast my thoughts out quickly without thinking of grammatical or spelling errors, just spittin' out words into tiny nodes. For this I use MindNode.

This is the first draft of the Mind Map (this has changed considerably in the past couple of weeks)

Now that the Mind Map has been started, I've broken each node down into Pros and Cons. Then, I've written approximately 5-10 pros and 5-10 cons around each topic or chapter. From here, I have been able to write anywhere between 250 and 500 words each morning around each pro and con. Shockingly, I've written several pages and the book is off to a great start.

Why am I writing a book on Startups? I'm no one special... that is very true! I'm not special. I'm just a guy with a plan.

One main reason for the book is to improve myself, my businesses, my relationships, my outlook, and to learn by example on how to really start a business from the ground up. The book will cover everything from my past experiences at various startups, lessons I've learned, interviews with some well known and some not so well known entrepreneurs and companies. Also, the book will cover business basics around budgeting, marketing, licensing, culture, market fit, and tons more. This book is for everyone. Whether you've been through an acquisition, an IPO, a post-mortem, an exit, or for those who are just beginning your journey in launching a startup business.

Through this book, I hope to gain knowledge and if it helps you start and grow your business, then it will be worth the effort I'm putting into this.

Stay tuned for progress updates over at Start Over Startups - and please reach out if you want to get involved.

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