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Over the weekend I found just enough time to put together a new website called that will be dedicated towards my love of teaching the art of recording music. I have been recording music for over 20 years and while it's been a wonderful journey of giving my music away, I've never had the ability or desire to give my tricks of the trade away. Well, all of this will change now. I am going to focus in on what works and what doesn't in the modern world of recording music in every genre.

Music Is My Therapy

To me, music is my therapy, my inhale, my exhale, my way of capturing and releasing my emotions, my way of communication. Music has always been there for me when times became overwhelming.

My Personal Goal is going to keep me inspired, honest, dedicated, hungry, and educated. I can only hope that it treat you the same.

Get Social

Today is the first post. I setup the YouTube Channel: @howtorecordmusic and I plan on uploading at least 1-3 videos per week. I'm still re-learning how to use final cut pro (it's been awhile) so bare with me while I crawl through the learning curve and find a nice content creation rhythm.

Additionally, you can stay connected to more content on Twitter: @howtorecordnyc, Instagram: @howtorecordmusic, Facebook: @howtorecord, and Google+: @howtorecordmusic account to help you stay connected to the content.


As always, please feel free to reach out to me personally at @erictherobot or checkout my blog at

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