Calder, Please read this in a few years....

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I know you're not at an age that you can actually read this message. It's also quite possible that this blog will not even exist by the time you do begin to read. Nevertheless, I wanted to let you know how much I love you. I want to document your growth and capture the magical moments that we experience together. One day, if this blog is still running, you may look back and find these posts useful, or quite possibly embarrassing. Sorry about that :(

As I take a look through the window of your future, I see so many possibilities for you. I've already started a trust fund for you, reserved several domain names, recorded several songs with you, in fact you even have your own gmail address and twitter account. For context, at the time of this message you are exactly 1 year, 7 months, and 16 days old. I know because I created a clock on your web site to help me remember. You are at an age in the world where it may be physically possible to out live giant tortoises, immortal jellyfish, and possibly ocean quahog. Stay away from smoking, eat right, and exercise. Remember health is wealth!

Additionally, you live in New York. One of the most opportunistic and thriving places on the planet. You need to remember how fortunate you are and make use of these fortunes. I know you will do great along your journey. You've already traveled so far!

Whatever path you take in life, I always want you to remember that you are heavily supported by your mother and I. We want the best for you in every step of the way and are confident you'll do your best in whatever it is you choose to become.

Oh and before I forget, you also have your own phone number with google voice. I've sent the phone number to your gmail account for your records. I'm not entirely certain that google voice will be around though in years to come. It's a great idea, in fact, I've been using it for years, however I believe the telecommunications industry will be shifting drastically by the time you need to use your number. Nevertheless, you will have a string of numbers of some kind that will be tied to you uniquely.

Calder, I hope you solve all of the problems you find in the world. You've already solved one of mine by just being born. You've completely changed my perspective on life. You've changed several family members lives already. I've witnessed your incredible impact on everyone you've encountered and I'm continually amazed on how wise you are.


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