I don't read your newsletters... RANT

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It's true, I don't read your newsletters. I simply file them away each day which takes up approximately 10 minutes of my time. Sure I could unsubscribe, but I would just get yet another email from you telling me I "unsubscribed".

I hope you tell your investors in your next meeting that your readership is up this month and your KPI's are a direct result of your awesome strategic marketing planning. Seriously, your newsletters are so perfect and tailored to me specifically that I simply open them just to put them into the trash.

Of course, I did subscribe, I made the initial effort, but if I haven't logged into your awesome service I found once upon a time on producthunt.co or angel.co in the last 3 months, do you think your campaigns are still relevant to me as an individual? As a former customer of your product or service, I think not.

Please consider refining your email marketing lists before sending a blast to your subscribers - segmentation works much better! In fact, slicing and dicing up your lists will not only save you money by lowering the costs of your volume-based emails, but it will also prevent someone from disengaging from your product or service as I did by placing your newsletter directly into the trash.

Please don't get me started on snail mail, especially letters from credit card companies explaining that "they know what I want from a card" or "Hi Eric, We've listened to you". Yes, I have excellent credit. No, I do not need your credit card offer, nor does the ecosystem or trash receptacle. Please consider the environment over my financial well-being.

Also, why do we still have phone books being delivered? There's a stack of 10 outside my apartment. There are only 8 apartment units in the building... wtf.

Happy Earth Day!

This is a rant.

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