Shutting of my LAMP and turning on my MEAN...stack

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I've been a PHP guy for a long time. Like all computer languages, I've learned through trial and error. PHP just sort of fell on me and I hung out with it because it was well documented, open source, most hosting companies supported it, most of my friends used it. For me, PHP was understood.

PHP Frameworks. Over the years I started thinking of finding a silver bullet. Something that I could quickly understand and hit the ground running and PHP Frameworks was that silver bullet for me. In the past I've tried Yii, Codeigniter, FuelPHP, CakePHP, Lithium, Kohana, Laravel, PhalconPHP, and about 30 more that are worth mentioning, I'm just not going to because from here on out I am moving over to a MEAN (Mongo + ExpressJS + AngularJS + NodeJS) stack... well actually for me at the moment I'm skipping AngularJS and just using a MEN Stack.

What generally takes me one week to do in PHP is now taking me two hours in NodeJS and it is soooo much lighter and beautiful. Time saver! Lightbulbs! Inspiration! New Chapter!

I still love you PHP, but I'm shutting down the LAMP stack and getting seriously MEAN!

Eric David Smith

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