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When you're out walking along the New York City streets and you happen to look at another graffiti and sticker covered landscape do you ever wonder to yourself who these genius advertisers are trying to target? Perhaps it's the 20 foot tall monster that NONE of us are in society. Or perhaps it's for people with incredible vision that can see great distances. It's amazing to think that they honestly think they will be reaching any kind of ROI from this advertising technique, but as far as I can tell, people have been doing it for years.

Just a thought I had today while walking to have brunch... I don't recall ANY of the advertisements I came across... yes sorry, I will not be attending your show, your art opening, or your new hat design wear... I'm positive it's AWESOME, however I just DON'T remember the name of it and my neck is in pain from looking up to try to make out that Futura font that you used. Next time, lower the ad level and print clearly.

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